Groove Agent SE 5 - broken midi pattern when dragging to track

Tested various styles, this happens with Garage Rock 1 - 135 specifically. Main pattern at style complexity above 3 is playing nice in GE but once I drag and drop this to the track, it plays some garbage, looks like hats are missing and everything is looking like a mess. Does not happen with fills and endings and Garage Rock 2 style is looking good at higher complexities as well. Seems like a problem with this specific style. Can you fix this please asap.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load a drum kit (I used Timed Explosives)
  2. Switch to the Pattern view
  3. Listen to the Main 9 pattern
  4. Drag and drop this pattern to a midi track and listen to it again

(Mac OS High Sierra / Cubase Pro 10)


Confirmed and reported to Steinberg.


Regarding to Steinberg:

This is not a bug and works as designed.

In mostly all Acoustic Agent presets some Instrument- and Pattern-pads do share the same trigger note. In the users case its the “HiHat Shank Open” for instrument and the “Fill 7” for pattern. Both get triggered from A#1 (Cubase MIDI part), but the GASE5 pattern always has priority.
To avoid this, the user has to click on the little “P” below the pattern pads, so it changes its color to orange. After this, the Cubase part triggers instruments only.

Now GASE 5 uses two MIDI ports. One for instruments and the other for pattern.

Martin. Appreciate you going to steinberg with this but I have to say then that this is a really bad design! Thank heavens things like RMX don’t have this limitation.

Where exactly is this “little “p””? I can’t find it anywhere :slight_smile:


See attached screenshot, please.

Thanks, Martin. That is the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever seen. The little P is virtually invisible due to the font size being SO SMALL!!!