Groove Agent SE 5 - Cymbal Choke question

Hello all. Does anyone know how to write in a choke on a cymbal in GA SE 5? Is it even possible?

I utilize both GA and EZ Drummer 2. EZD2 allows me to write in a choke under Polypressure. It works great.

But the same does not seem to work in GA. I am specifically trying to do it with Cymbal note C#2 in GA.

And yes, I realize that drum mapping could be an issue. But in this case I have made sure the I-Note and O-Note are both C#2. So the Polypressure should work when written in on C#2.

This is in Cubase V10 Pro.



Hello all. I stumbled upon an answer to this today while working with Groove Agent. THE KIT SE works perfectly. But THE KIT SE has issues.

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