Groove Agent SE 5 - Drum Patterns

I have Cubase 11 and with it Groove Agent SE 5…and I when I am looking through the groove/drum patterns…I only have 30 preset grooves or patterns.
I check other people’s Groove Agent SE5…and they have over 200 hundred patterns.

What am I missing? Is there something else I am supposed to install?

Surely I am supposed to have more than a mere 30 patterns.



Download and install everything you find under the Cubase version in the Steinberg Download Assistance. You have license for all of these with Cubase. So if you want to get the full content, install all of them.

Thanks for the reply.
Do you mean this?

Under My Products this is all I have:



I’d you are owner is Cubase Elements, then go for this:’

Btw, this might be the reason. If you compare with the content of Cubase Pro, then the numbers are different.

You mean when I click on Cubase Elements 11…and everything on the right side of the screen?


Yes, exactly.