Groove Agent SE 5 freezes Cubase when browsing presets

Hi there,

I had this issue with Groove Agent SE for years, and if I’m not wrong this is a known issue and never resolved. Currently using Groove Agent SE v. [64 bit] and Cubase v. I have this issue only with this virtual instrument, whenever I browse through the presets (eg. from the Rock Pop Toolbox category), it starts loading the kit and freezes up everything. This happens also while the session is currently playing (the music still goes on).

Rarely, after a few minutes, Cubase unfreezes, but in most cases I have to manually shut the program down from the task manager.

Is there any official response to this issue yet? Will purchasing / upgrading to Groove Agent full version fix this issue? Thanks

I have this exact same issue. I am well within the required hardware specs to run Cubase and groove agent.

there are indeed reports about freezes in conjunction with Cubase and Groove Agent SE, but there’s not one that has any valid info to reconstruct, much less fix the problem. :disappointed:
Is it on PC or Mac (OS version?). You’ve created a MIDI track that is assigned to Groove Agent SE and playing while you’re switching thru the Kit presets ( Load Kit with Patterns or Styles is unchecked), correct?
best regards Gerrit


I’m using a PC with Windows 10 and Cubase 10.5. I remember having the same issue with Cubase 9.5 as well (and the included Groove Agent SE 4). The procedure is indeed what you have described, MIDI track assigned to Groove Agent SE. Tried both with an empty project, and existing ones with tons of other plugins, channels and tracks.

The problem usually occurs during the loading of a preset, when the yellow bar is displayed right under the plugin logo. But even after loading successfully, it may happen that the whole DAW become unresponsive for 5-10 seconds. But it keeps receiving MIDI messages and I actually can hear sounds.

I’m not aware of any option to load a kit without patterns or styles. I’m just using all the default options.

Note that I’m using a lot of other Steinberg VST instruments, and have never had any issue. Hope that helps.

This is an essential function of Groove Agent (SE) because if you have found or created a decent Style or Pattern, you normally wan’t to change the Kit sounds without losing your Style or Pattern. The option can be found here :
Load Kit
Please switch it off and try again if possible. Will that change anything?
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I took some time to test it with that option switched off. At first it gave me the impression to work better, but the problem is till there, after switching through presets the plugin eventually freezes and eveything become unresponsive as usual. It also happens with presets that I have successfully loaded previously.