Groove Agent SE 5 freezes Cubase when browsing presets

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I had this issue with Groove Agent SE for years, and if I’m not wrong this is a known issue and never resolved. Currently using Groove Agent SE v. [64 bit] and Cubase v. I have this issue only with this virtual instrument, whenever I browse through the presets (eg. from the Rock Pop Toolbox category), it starts loading the kit and freezes up everything. This happens also while the session is currently playing (the music still goes on).

Rarely, after a few minutes, Cubase unfreezes, but in most cases I have to manually shut the program down from the task manager.

Is there any official response to this issue yet? Will purchasing / upgrading to Groove Agent full version fix this issue? Thanks

I have this exact same issue. I am well within the required hardware specs to run Cubase and groove agent.

there are indeed reports about freezes in conjunction with Cubase and Groove Agent SE, but there’s not one that has any valid info to reconstruct, much less fix the problem. :disappointed:
Is it on PC or Mac (OS version?). You’ve created a MIDI track that is assigned to Groove Agent SE and playing while you’re switching thru the Kit presets ( Load Kit with Patterns or Styles is unchecked), correct?
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I’m using a PC with Windows 10 and Cubase 10.5. I remember having the same issue with Cubase 9.5 as well (and the included Groove Agent SE 4). The procedure is indeed what you have described, MIDI track assigned to Groove Agent SE. Tried both with an empty project, and existing ones with tons of other plugins, channels and tracks.

The problem usually occurs during the loading of a preset, when the yellow bar is displayed right under the plugin logo. But even after loading successfully, it may happen that the whole DAW become unresponsive for 5-10 seconds. But it keeps receiving MIDI messages and I actually can hear sounds.

I’m not aware of any option to load a kit without patterns or styles. I’m just using all the default options.

Note that I’m using a lot of other Steinberg VST instruments, and have never had any issue. Hope that helps.

This is an essential function of Groove Agent (SE) because if you have found or created a decent Style or Pattern, you normally wan’t to change the Kit sounds without losing your Style or Pattern. The option can be found here :
Load Kit
Please switch it off and try again if possible. Will that change anything?
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I took some time to test it with that option switched off. At first it gave me the impression to work better, but the problem is till there, after switching through presets the plugin eventually freezes and eveything become unresponsive as usual. It also happens with presets that I have successfully loaded previously.

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I just fired up Groove Agent again and the same issue. Locks up switching drum sets. I have the latest groove agent installed and cubase all up to date. This problem will never be fixed I guess. I will not be buying anything from these people any more. I have cubase elements and I just wanted to do some simple bass recording with drum tracks. I figured i’d jump in and buy Cubase and learn a lot and study up on the system. Well that is impossible. I have a fresh installed windows system, fresh installed cubase fresh installed everything. This Lockup ONLY occurs while using Groove Agent SE 5 and you never know when it is going to happen while switching beats in a pattern or loading up a new kit. Your guess is as good as mine. It is soooo frustrating to think I paid for this. I am assuming it has something do do with an older system BUT the system is in Steinberg Specs so that is not and can’t be an issue. Im done with this company — I got $#!@@%$%^ hosed. If you are having this same issue good luck to you… move on man. By the way — this is just locking up and I’m not even recording yet. I’m just listening to the sample drum kits and changing the into, chorus,fill sections on the pattern to get an idea of what I want. I am not fast clicking through them and I am letting them fully load. Also I may be able to change patterns or fills etc. 5 or so times, maybe 10, but sooner or later this is just going to lock up. It’s a fact. I have seen soooooo many complaints about this and nothing ever gets done. I like the post your log file attempt… there is no log file the whole moter$#@^*& is locked up. You have to cold kill the entire Cubase System from CNTRL ALT DEL task manager and the log never gets wrote.


Sorry to read that, I’m disappointed too, since GA SE5 has many great drum kits that I wish I could use for my music. But it’s flawed software, and it’s risky to have an instance loaded in a project. They probably won’t invest enough resources to fix it since it’s a SE version bundled with Cubase and it only serves for marketing purposes.

That’s a real shame though, it’s not clear if even the full version has these issues. I won’t be spending extra money to find out.

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I made an enquiry for more valid infos in december. I created projects in Cubase Elements 11.0.40 build 446 and now again in Cubase Pro 12.0.10 build 230 with Groove Agent SE 5.1.0 build 153. A Groove Agent SE Instrument track is triggering one bar MIDI notes to switch between the 8 first Pattern (G#-1 - D#0) while a script is stepping through my 500 Kit presets and Cubase repeats the 8 bar cycle over and over again.
I checked with 1 second and 4 seconds delay between the Kit preset change, the Diskstreaming Balance all to the left and right, Max Preload = 1200 Mbyte.
Not a single crash or freeze with an i7-4790K, 16 GB RAM, Win10 Pro (20H2)

I have seen complaints, nearly all without any details, just ranting that Steinberg doesn’t care. On the other hand are there soooooo many GASE users out there that didn’t have the “Freeze” problem, even well known pro-user that heavily rely on the stability of Cubase and GASE. So, what’s the difference?
That’s why we need information!

  • Which audio interface do you use?
  • Have you tried a higher ASIO latency already?
  • Is the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme in Cubase activated?
  • Have you tried the new Standalone of Groove Agent SE 5.1.0, will that freeze as well?

best regards
Gerrit Junge

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All I can say is groove agent for all its power is a horrible addition to the cubase family . Not sure why so many issues with play back sound . Half the sample grooves won’t play or make no noise . Only a select few drum kits actually work or make noise . Super confusing . I’ve watched all the videos on YouTube I could find and non deal with this issue … super lame and yes it also freezes the other half of the time .

Honestly groove agent 5 is no better I can’t get consistent load up and play back of sounds that are standard presets . Only a small group of drum sounds can actually be heard maybe a third of what they include with the package . I’ve watch all the videos regarding groove agent to no avail .


  • Which audio interface do you use?
  • Have you tried a higher ASIO latency already?
  • Is the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme in Cubase activated?
  • Have you tried the new Standalone of Groove Agent SE 5.1.0, will that freeze as well?

No I moved on to free software and I have no problems now. Yeah I know I’m late with a reply. Yes I tried everything and there is nothing wrong with my music interface. This software can’t play a drum track on an older system I guess. My system is running Windows 10 and is well within spec of Steinberg’s recommendation.

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I moved to a new computer, still using Cubase 10.5 and Windows 10. So far GA SE 5 seems to work fine, I even managed to use it in production. What caused it to freeze in my other computers still remains a mistery to me.

I’m having the same issue, I can browse let’s say 10 presets before it crashes.
Tried GA 5 on another DAW and the same happens, so I guess it comes from the plugin itself.

Please someone at steinberg help us!


And this thread is one of the reasons I’m dumping Cubase after 25 years.

I had to reinstall all my Steinberg software (Groove Agent, Retrologue, Halion etc etc) after removing the Cubase 12 trial after seeing if it was worth upgrading.

After reinstalling Groove Agent 4, Cubase would freeze whenever I clicked on the Groove Agent track. I couldn’t even move the MIDI parts without switching off Groove Agent!

I have wasted countless hours troubleshooting this nonsense when I should be spending that time working on music for clients.

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Having just started using my GA5 again, I am noticing freezes during loading every now and again. Seems to be random.
I leave it for up to a few minutes and the progress bar usually completes.
But clearly this shouldn’t happen.
Very high spec PC. Cubase 12. UR44. No issues with other plug-ins or with cubase generally.
Only GA5.

Maybe I’m the lucky one. Running Cubase elements 11 on an old 7 yr old laptop win 10 and GA SE5 and it is very stable with no problems with groove agent. The only problem is the interface ASIO driver drops out occasionally but I can live with that.

Hi Gerrit! I beg to differ that no one is reporting valid info to fix this ongoing issue. I see it has been posted many times here. I will post again, but the issue is very real and has been happening for a very long time!

I can replicate this behavior every single time. It occurs while simply changing about 5-10 GA Kits in a row. It will cause Cubase to hard crash. Sent many logs. Here is one that just occurred. The exact same behavior occurs in Studio One, Logic, and Cubase to it is definitely a Groove Agent issue.

Cubase 12-2023-01-03-120339.ips (94.4 KB)

Mac Studio M1 Ultra 20C CPU / 48C GPU
64GB/1TB macOS 12.6.2 - RME UCX II
3rd Party Plug-Ins (All of Them)

Yes, exact same issue here.