Groove Agent SE 5 hidpi drag and drop bug

  • Windows 10 x64 v21H2
  • Cubase Pro 12.052
  • hidpi set to +25%

I can load a sample on a pad by drag and dropping it a bit above the actual pad, but I can’t replace a sample or add one (or more).
I works fine when hpdi is set to no (/system) scaling - but I find GA to. small on my 109dpi screen.

Does anyone know a workaround (other than disabling the scaling) until this is fixed one day?

Hi Teceem. You can’t use GA in HIDPI at 125%. I have the same problem and gave up. I use it at 100%. Don’t go crazy. I hope it helps.

I’ve found a ‘solution’ (works, but not ideal).

Windows: 100% scaling + Cubase hidpi set to +25% = problem with GA
Windows: 125% scaling + Cubase hidpi set to ‘use system’ → this works!

Thank you Oscar from Steinberg tech support for trying to help.