Groove Agent SE 5 pan shifts to left chanel

Hi everyone,
I’ve posted in the general section already but with little success. Hopefully, someone might have some ideas here.

I recently updated to C10 pro from C6. Everything seems fine except for this one odd problem. Groove Agent SE plays in the left channel- not in stereo. Other Steinberg vsti’s behave in a similar way. Other vendors’ vst instruments play normally in stereo.
When first loaded GA SE plays OK for a few seconds then shifts left and there is silence in the right channel. It seems that it only happens after loading a kit. When I drop individual sounds on the pads everything is in stereo.
I have already trashed preferences, reinstalled C10 and also installed C9.5. Same problem in 9.5.
I’ve never had such a problem with C6.

Any ideas how I could fix it?
I’m on Win 10 running the latest C10 pro version.

Thanks in advance,

I had a simiar issue when using the drumkit i created for my track. It kept playing in the left channel.

I wasn’t able to fix it, but i realized that other kits i loaded played ok. So i create an empty Groove Agent and dragged all my samples from the broken one over there, and remapped my tracks.

Just a workaround, not sure what the problem was. Hope it helps you anyway. :slight_smile:

Same issue here. Nasty thing. The sample is centered panned, but GA only plays left. Not a internal mixer issue.