Groove Agent SE and Allen Morgan Vol 1 and 2

Can anyone help me with this issue? - I have bought download and activated the Allen Morgan VST Vol 1 and 2.
When I open up Groove Agent SE I can identify the kits but no patterns. I can see in Media Bay there are a number of patterns for each kit.
I can drag the patterns from media bay into the project window but at least one pattern when played from within media by has a delay fx which is not replicated when use the drag and drop into project window.
When I open the pattern browser in Groove Agent it only allows me to select from a beat agent se folder. I see no way to import the media bay pattern into Groove Agent SE?
Basically I can see the midi pattern I want to use but can see any way to use it.

I have the Allan Morgan volume 1 & 2 as well. They were released back when there was just Groove Agent One. Those wonderfull kits do not contain any patterns.