Groove Agent SE automation


1 - I have a midi controller (Akai MPK261) which has 8 knobs. I want to use those 8 knobs to edit all 8 adsr parameters of the 2 adsr envelopes in GA SE (the filter envelope and the amp envelope).
I can create automation for each pad. But unfortunately that automation has to be created for every pad and for every pad a new set of 8 Knobs need to be assigned. My midi controller does not have 100000 knobs to assign 8 of them for every pad. And I do not even want to have so many knobs on my midi controller. I would like to have the possibility to use the 8 automation parameters that i have assigned to control the 2 adsr envelopes of the first pad to edit the other pads also - to edit the pad that it is selected/focused. To be able to change the pad/to select other pad and to use the same knobs on my midi controller. I think this is easy to implement and would raise the GA SE’s functionality very much. That would really make GA SE my “go to” drum software.

2 - Moving around the adsr points on the adsr envelope interface in GA SE does not write automation on the GA SE track (W and R activated).

3 - If i write manually adsr envelope automation on the GA SE track, when playing back, the GA SE adsr envelope interface would not reflect the changes (R is activated). It will read the automation changes and the sound will be altered, but it will not be reflected on the GA SE adsr envelope interface.

All these inconvenience keep me from using GA and is almost useless for me.
Implementing these features and fixing the bugs would make GA much more useful!


I would also like to know how to do this, lack of ADSR automation such as decay is killing me