Groove Agent SE Drum Maps and panning issue.

Hi guys,

Running Cubase pro 8.5 here on PC (Windows 10).
I’m trying to set up a new Drum template using the Acoustic agent within Groove Agent SE.

First issue I’m having is my new edited drum map is not loading correctly. When I load it into the drum editor / midi track it just defaults to the standard Groove Agent map the minute I click out of the track, so it’s not saving for some reason. Has anyone had this problem too? It’s driving me a bit mad.

Second issue is with the volume and panning of the Midi Track/Drum Track that’s driving Groove Agent SE.
It’ll be working fine and then the Kicks ( for example) will suddenly not be central, but coming slightly panned towards the left speaker.
I have the midi track set to Off on both the panning and the volume, so I can’t understand it. Everything is central in Groove Agent itself. I’m at a loss.

(Maybe it’s a steinberg issue as I’ve actually had a panning issue with The Grand 3 too from time to time, sometimes that will just pan hard left all on its own)

If anyone can help, I’d be enterally grateful.

Thanks, Steve

Btw, I rolled back to version 8.0.3 (or whatever the last one was before the 8.5 paid upgrade) and have exactly the same issues with the drum map.

I think it’s a Groove Agent SE issue. You can load the specific drum map you want into any midi track just fine and it’ll hold, but the minute you set the output as Groove Agent SE, it automatically defaults to the standard drum map whether you want it to or not.

The panning thing seemed ok in version 8.0.3, but it was sometimes ok in 8.5, it seemed to move when you least expect it to.

Unless someone has any ideas how to get around these issues I don’t think I’ll be able to use Groove Agent SE anymore, I’ll have to use BFD etc for drums. It’s a shame as I liked the idea of using everything from stock inside the cubase ‘box’.

Give me a shout if you have any ideas? Cheers Steve

Update, removed Groove Agent SE from the project replaced with BFD2, now everything works. The drum maps save perfectly and the panning issue seems to have gone.
What’s frustrating is that I was trying to experiment with a template that only used stock and no third party plugins. You’d assume that would be more stable wouldn’t you? But it was unusable with Groove Agent, now it’s working.
Still freezes on exit though. I have to go to task manager to close cubase everytime .