Groove Agent SE in Cubase 10?

I upgraded to Cubase 10 and according to the advertising includes Groove Agent SE. however I can’t find it and it doesn’t appear under the VSTi list. Does anyone know where I can find it?


Did you install Cubase 10 from the Full Installer? Can you see it in the Plug-in Manager?

Hi Martin,

I installed Cubase 10 using the Steinberg download assistant. I originally installed it because I thought it would give me a 30 day demo but as the demo hadn’t been released I decided to upgrade instead. I can’t see it in the plug-in manager.


Was the file (you downloaded) size around 20 GB?

Yes it was 20 GB. I found a solution I went to the download location and there was an additional content folder and I installed Groove Agent from there so it’s showing up now. I was thinking that it would be installed automatically with Cubase 10 but apparently not. Thanks for your help.