Groove Agent SE in Cubase suddenly no licence

I tried to open Groove Agent SE in Cubase 13 Pro and it said:
" No Licence found - Please switch to Steinberg Activation Manager for more information"
Groove Agent doesn’t show in the activation manager so that’s no help (but Cubase 13 Pro does). Also the standalone Groove Agent SE runs fine. It had been running fine in Cubase until now.

Hi, @stratman58

I would try to reinstall GA 5 SE with the Steinberg Download Assistant, as a first idea…

I had this before.

It turns out you need elicenser control center installed. I uninstalled elcc when I installed Cubase 12 and removed the USB dongle as I thought I wouldn’t need it anymore. However after upgrading to Cubase 13 I started getting that error. Reinstalled elcc and the problem went away.