Groove Agent SE Kit Search - missing kits?

Bit of a basic question this, but can’t work it out - I’ve never really used Groove Agent much but decided to dig a bit deeper if I like it will look at maybe getting the full version (currently Cubase 10.5 Pro).

My issue is - when I search for a kit inside Groove Agent in the load kit window, the list of kits is less than if I were to search in the Program Selector field (i.e. in Instrument Track Inspector in the main window or at the very top of the Groove Agent VST window).

For example (completely arbitrary!), ‘Circuit’ & ‘Anna Hop’ kits are available via the Program Selector but if I use the Groove Agent search they are not there. I’ve ensured all kits are showing, no other filters etc.

Is there something obvious I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!

So I’ve sorted it - I’ll post how in case others have a similar issue.

The ‘missing’ kits are actually Groove Agent One presets - so not really missing, just stored somewhere else. When searching via the Program (or Preset) Selector (via Inspector or top of VST Instrument window), it accesses both SE 5 & One presets - if “Location Tree” is selected, it shows this clearly with 2 ‘branches’ - Groove Agent SE 5 & Groove Agent One.

The GA SE 5 manual talks about being able to use One kits by dragging them from the Media Bay but doesn’t explicitly mention that they’re accessible this way too.

The One kits can be saved inside SE 5 by saving to a User slot if needed.