Groove Agent SE midi path off

Hello all,

I just got GASE loaded to playback my kit part. The good news is, it will play back most of what I entered except for side stick. However, that’s the least of my problems now and want to share with you a weird midi assignment problem I’m noticing.

For now, I have loaded the High Five SE sample from the Traditional Jazz drums designation. I want to play around with the kit triggering the corresponding midi channels displayed on each pad. ( I even have the GASE keyboard engaged so that I can make sure all is working in sync). Here’s where I’m having problems. If I play the F1 Tom drum displayed in GASE, the kick sounds on C1… In fact all the midi notes don’t seem to correspond with the correct midi path. Am I missing something here? I have many sample libraries and this is the first time I’ve come across an issue like this. Help is needed! Thank you! Then maybe I’ll be able to worry about my side stick… lol

Two things you should check: what percussion map is attached to your GASE VSTi? Is it really describing the kit you’re using?
And what preferences>Note Input>Percussions are set to? Use Percussion map or use the notes (as if it were a G clef staff)?

Hi Marc, and thanks for getting back with me so quickly. Answer to your first question, yes I believe? I even went in and renamed the kit: Tony’s kit. It is displayed now just above the stave as Drum kit:Tonys Kit. For your second question, It is set to staff position and treble G clef.

On playback, KIck and standard snare playback, but not cross-stick or side stick. In addition, when I try and trigger these sounds (By highlighting the stave in question) most instruments in the kit play where they are suppose to, but no sound plays for Snare (C above middle C) and the following notes above snare… C#,D#,F,F#… By the way, I am doing this with Noteperformer sounds. I wanted to go back to get this figured out before reintroducing mapping with GASE. Does that make sense?


I don’t think you checked the proper thing in my first requirement. I understand you created your own kit, probably in Setup mode (or is it in the plugin itself?)
The percussion map is the key stone that makes Dorico and the drum plugin communicate flawlessly. It thoroughly describes every MIDI note, so that Dorico can trigger them using the instrument name and the playback technique it’s supposed to trigger.

You’ll choose your percussion map in the play menu, left column, clicking on the cog next to your VSTi name, and then in the 5th column of that edit window.

And you can create/edit percussion maps through Library menu > Percussion maps

You’ll need to have the sidestick and whatever is missing correctly described in the perc map if you want it to work :wink: Note that the GASE perc map has that technique mapped to key 37.

Make sure your kit (Setup mode>left column>Edit percussion kit) has a side stick technique available.

Hope this helps!!!