Groove Agent SE MIDI tab inconsistency

before a few days i upgraded me Cubase Ai 10 version to Cubase 12 Elements.
I am not quite sure if something gone wrong via the installation or if the problem goes seperately, but when i create a new project the MIDI tab of GA looks different collapsed/concentrated …
I found out that to an old project there 2 tracks of GA and bizzarely looks like are 2 different <>
as you can see i marked the differences between the 2 GA tracks to make myself more comprehensible.
forgive my poor language
Please help

Hi and welcome to the form,

Reset all filters to be able to compare, please.

Have you downloaded the latest version of Groove Agent SE 5 and its content? The bundled plug-ins have received some updates since Cubase 10.

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Hello, glad to find you.
Can you explain which filters i should reset?
i’m sorry i can’t understand :pensive:


Click the Reset button: |<<

yes, i downloaded the full package.
The new version (if something like that exists) makes difficult to browse and search for fills,verses,breaks etc
It is possible all this to be a matter of the upgrade??
Also a second difference i noticed

Try clicking the Rescan Disk button:

i’ve cliked it, this is the (first) screen of midi library
did you noticed the different symbol between, this is proper??
why it has different appearence?

i’ve already try it… nothing happens

Please close Cubase.

Open the following folder: %appdata%\Steinberg\

Then rename/move/delete the Groove Agent SE_64 folder.

looks like it helps
Now when i open a new GA track it looks normal, but the old already existing GA tracks didn’t adjustment/corrected,
the problem is that when i create a new project this folder created again at %appdata%\Steinberg\

i tested to a new project and i think it works properly!
Thank you very very much, i need some time to ensure that it’s ok, but i believe that you fix it!
if the problem cameback i inform
i really appreciate your help.