Groove Agent SE missing after update to 8.35

After updating from Cubase pro 8 to Cubase pro 8.35 … I cant find Groove Agent SE anymore.
I have tried to find a path for it in the “plug in manager” but without luck.
Anyone who knows what to do ?



Which exact Cubase version do you own, please?

Could you try to install the Groove Agent SE again?

Hi Martin.

Cubase pro 8.032

I dont have the groove agent SE as a seperat program. I think it is already in the pro 8 version for free.
Yesterday I made a complete repair installation with the FULL INSTALLATION download from
Still it doesnt appear in my plug in list.


This is what I ment. The Groove Agent SE installer is part of the Cubase Pro 8 Full Installer.

Did you try to uninstall the Groove Agent SE first, before you install it again? During the installation, there is the list, which informs you, which Parts will be installed.


Yes I did uninstall the Groove Agent first.


Can you see the plug-in file (Groove Agent SE.vst3) in the relevant folder on the system level, please? Is the file present (installed)?

I can´t find any “groove agent SE.vst3” in my entire C drive…
I searched also for “Groove Agent SE” alone… and found some folders
3 folders… two with presets, one with midi tracks… nothing else…

For me that would be a good news… I dont like the sound LOL :wink: