Groove agent se note hold question

Hey guys
I just started using groove agent se that came with cubase 7.5. I do a lot of hip hop type sampling with it, which I began doing with groove agent one ages ago. I don’t really use it for percussion.
So when I release a key on my midi keyboard, the note cuts. Is there a way of playing a note and having it play without cutting it off when I release the key? Because I tap out my samples this way, having to hold each note is no good. Please help or let me know if I should elaborate further.

Thanks heaps!


Did you figure this one out? Same problem over here…

What kind of keyboard do you have?

If your keyboard has an arpeggiator, and you can put it into latch mode, then you can record loops with repeating patterns easily that way.

I use GA-SE4 and with that I can put a pattern into “hold” mode which would do a similar thing…