Groove Agent SE: pattern drag&drop not working

Hello all!

Just got myself Dorico5 update and started to mess around with Groove Agent SE, but run into a problem that drum patterns will not show up in score when i drag&drop them into Key editor.
Midi region playback is working just fine, but patterns are not transcribed, when i drop them in DrumSet track. Any clues? Do i need to choose a specific drum set in Setup mode?

Funny thing is that drag&drop IS working, when i drop them in other tracks (sax, for instance).

Another little side issue is, that when i write notes manually, played sounds don’t match the written notes. Say, kick drum is actually played back as “Hihat Shank” (note B3 in the default “Life is simple” kit. What am i missing here?


P.S. I should mention, that i tried both Drum set (basic) and Drum set (full). And, by default, i’m using NotePerformer playback template.

Hi! In order for drag and drop to work with Groove Agent, you need to have the right percussion map loaded. If you load one of the playback templates that end in GASE, that will also load the correct percussion map. If you would like to use Groove Agent alongside NotePerformer, please take a look at this thread. Daniel’s solution takes you through it step by step.

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Much obliged, Chester.

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