Groove Agent SE question

So I normally use Native Instruments Battery for my drums and percussion. When I’m happy with the sounds I have, I then save all the samples into the project folder so if I move the project to another computer, I know the files will be inside that folder.

Now working with Groove Agent, there is absolutely no where I can find that allows me to save the kit or the samples. And there’s no where that shows me where the samples are stored on my disk.

Maybe all the files are actually stored within the project file. Could this be the case? Normally Cubase would store files in the Pool and therefore copy them to the project folder. This is the case for the Sampler Track but not for Groove Agent.

Anyone have any experience with this?

You can save presets for any VSTi by clicking or right clicking on the diamond / square icon near the top left besides the rectangle
and up down arrows of Groove Agent or any other VSTi. You can also right click on where it says beat agent…

Thanks AP.

My main concern is the actual samples used in the kit. I want to move the samples into the project folder but when I right click on the sample there’s no option to reveal in finder and there’s no where that shows you the path to where the samples are located on your disk drive.

You may find it easier to put all the samples in a folder and then use Media Bay to locate that folder and make it a “Favorite.” I use my “Favorites” Folders for drag and drop of Samples to GA Kits and other tracks. So, in terms of workflow, it’s pretty fast and comfortable.

I’m not completely sure about this, but I think GA only references the Samples used in a Kit. So, if you change the location of the Samples used in a Kit what happens? I’m not sure what happens. I think you’d have to remap the Samples, but, if the kit is saved as a User Preset, all, or at least some of, its settings should be retained? If there are edits to the Samples in the Kit Preset, those edits may be lost if the Sample location is changed.

Perhaps someone knows the answer off the top. I’d have to check how this actually works, but, it’s a good question.

Hey Stephen,

Thanks for your response. I actually found what I was looking for.

If you right click on the kit name, there’s an option at the bottom of the list to export kit with samples. Now I have the kit as a vst preset file along with the samples in a folder. So now the samples are consolidated with the project folder. Just think this is the best thing to do in case I ever move to another computer. Just makes the process easier to locate the samples.

Thanks for all your help.

That’s good. I’d totally forgotten about that and don’t know if I’ve ever used it. However, be cautious and double check because there can be copy protection issues with Steinberg factory content, if any of your Kits use sounds from that source. Anyway, glad you found what you’re looking for and I will have to experiment with that feature myself. I still recommend using “Favorites” for Sample Libraries. Good luck. :slight_smile: