Groove Agent SE question

In GE5 SE is it possible to map velocity layered samples in one cell as well as configure the same cell for round robin? If so, how is it done?

AFAIK I can only do one or the other.

No one here knows the answer? Imagine having multi velocity samples in a round robin configuration within Groove Agent. You can do this in Battery, but I guess Steinberg is behind on this. I was hoping to make GA my main drum sampler but this might change my plans. Ah well…

When RR is active stacked samples in mapping view reacts to velocity(volume) if its mode sets to velocity it triggers sample corresponding to the velocity value.
As I get, you want to trigger samples by velocity and RoundRobin? If yes what is purpose of RR than?

Can you explain step by step how you do that in battery?

It’s easy to make the volume of a single sample react to velocity. I’m talking about loading multi velocity samples into GA (which is easy) The trick is making these samples cycle Round Robin.
This can be done in Battery, just load your multi velocity samples into one cell, then load your alternate RR samples into adjacent cells. So you have 3 or 4 cells in a row with multi velocity samples loaded into each of them.
Then group these cells under Voice groups. Then under Cell Activation - Condition - select Cycle Round Robin.

I like the way Groove Agent handles RR (all samples contained within one cell) but this architecture seems to create a limitation where it can’t trigger multi velocity samples AND cycle Round Robin simultaneously. Unless I’m missing something…

The main thing is that in battery you can group cells (in GA Pads) and trigger them in RR and each cell can have its own velocity multi samples. In GA you can only trigger RR samples in mapping view only. In other words you want to trigger different sample by RR and velocity in same time which unfortunately cannot do in GA as I am aware.

It appears to be the case. Thanks for confirming.