Groove Agent SE routing confusion. Some drums go to stereo out in addition to their assigned channel

I’m using Groove Agent SE and have all of my drums assigned to different subchannels so I can do effects, automation, and things like that. A few drums for some reason go to not only their assigned channels but to a group channel as well. If I mute their assigned channel the signal indicator no longer shows but I still hear them and signal is going to my drums group channel. Is there a hidden routing screen in Groove Agent I’m not seeing??

Thanks to anyone who can help, you rock!

I see with most drums they go to a general group if I assign the output to “kitmix”, but this kick 2 drum goes to kitmix no matter what. I can’t disable it’s output to that group. It also goes to whatever output I choose but I can’t disable it from going to kitmix. Very puzzled.

Check the amp section and the aux sends.

Awesome, it was indeed an aux knob that was turned up a little bit that I had never even noticed before. Thanks so much!

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