Groove Agent SE small fonts etc

I agree completely. I use an ultrawide 34’ monitor and many menus are simply too small and fiddly. The preset browser for plugins such as Groove Agent is a complete nightmare.

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in regards to GA, are you talking about resolution wise? because I recall it being fully resizable and ability to pop-out and float

As far as I can see, when using Groove Agent as a plugin in Cubase you cannot resize the window and change the size of the controls and labels. That includes the browser window - the white on black fonts are hard to read as they are so small on an ultrawide screen.

SE or full version?

To be precise, I’m referring to rescaling. My GA full version demo has expired, and one of the reasons I haven’t bought it yet is that the preset browsing is so uncomfortable. Currently I occasionally use the SE version, but afaik they both do not feature rescaling.