Groove Agent SE Sudden Loss of Volume

Hello Cubasers - time for my annual or biannual post on this forum! I learn a lot here from just browsing and reading, so hopefully one of the members can shed some light on this:

I’ve noticed a weird bug / “feature” in v8.5.0 Build 69 on OSX Mavericks where Groove Agent SE, with the acoustic drum set selected, suddenly drops in volume to near-silence after editing the MIDI part using the drum editor. The edit causing the issue was very basic: lowering the velocity of half a bar of hi-hat hits. When resuming playback, Groove Agent SE can hardly be heard. The meters are showing the lower level too. Saving, closing and re-opening the project (but not the application) brings everything back to the expected volume levels (as well as saving the edits correctly) but when the same kind of edits are made to the MIDI drum part, the volume drops again. Hopefully it’s a corruption of the project and not a bug, but it’s still causing me to stop working. Has anyone else seen or noticed anything similar?


What kind of edit you did? Wasn’t MIDI CC7 sent?

Hi Martin - I just grabbed the velocity handles in the MIDI drum editor for the events I wanted to change and dragged them down to the correct velocity. After that, I replayed the project but the drums were almost inaudible. Closing and restarting the project resolved it but the fact that it happened in the first place is a weird bug.


Did you save the project, when you closed it? I mean, when you reopen it, was it with the changes or without?

Yes, I saved the project prior to re-opening. The changes were intact and the instrument volume was restored once the project had reloaded. But attempting to edit the drum part again resulted in the volume of the drum track playback dropping to near zero.

Saving, closing and re-opening is a clunky workaround. There’s definitely something screwy going on here.

Do the Volume sliders of MIDI Notes also jump down? Ordo you know MIDI CC7 or MIDI CC11 has been sent?

I’ve had this happen when I accidentally clicked the volume automation for groove agent.

Thanks for the replies. There was no difference in any of the velocity bars in the MIDI editor and there were no controllers hooked up at the time. It’s just a weird glitch that started happening with C8.5. I had it happen again when I was working with the track the other day. It’s getting a bit irritating now, to be honest! :laughing:

Where’s the volume automation on Groove Agent. I didn’t have the instrument open in the rack at the time, I just had the MIDI part open for editing and playing back. It’s weird as it’s intermittent, so there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to this behaviour. Well, none that I’ve noticed yet anyway.

On the arranger window there is a visible volume line at all times and when I click around or grab sections I sometimes click it. My ga sits as the top channel.


If you already have some automation track, you can right-click to the parrent track, and select Show used automation (selected track).

Yes, but when I close automation lanees inside my ga I am left with a volume lane. No biggie for me. Thought it could be his issue. Guess not

Martin, teknatronik, thank you both for your suggestions. There’s no automation on the Groove Agent track (or outputs). It’s a pretty simple project with GA on one MIDI track for the drums, plus three guitars and a bass part. This issue hasn’t occurred over the past couple of days editing the project. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen again but at the same time, I don’t think it should be happening at all!