groove agent se sustain issue

In groove agent 4 se the sustain mode is supposed to sustain the duration of the note and then follow the release nodes when the key is let go. At least this is how the manual says it is supposed to work. For some reason while using it in Cubase 8.5 pro (windows 10, 64 bit) the notes are sustaining the duration of the same regardless of the length of the midi note inputed. I’m not exactly sure what I have wrong in this instance. I’m trying to make the sample sustain the entire length of the midi note and then decay and release when the note is let go.

Figured out the solution.

And what was the solution? I’m having a similar problem…

Had exactly the same issue and after 1 hour I had finally found the the solution… which of course is 2 clicks away. :unamused:

Go to Sample tab and select “No Loop” in Velocity Start Range section (bottom left).

Hope this helps.


thank you, thank you


Dear Lord, thank you so so much. I was tearing my hair out!