Groove Agent SE takes long to open


I have an issue with Groove Agent SE (installed with Cubase 10 pro).

Every time I open a project containing GASE or when I try to load GASE for the first time into an already open project it takes at least 15 minutes for it to open. I have tried reinstalling Cubase and it didn’t help. I’ve uninstalled Nuendo that I had laying unused since the trial was out and again reinstalled Cubase 10 and again it didn’t help. Went through many threads here on forum to try to find solution and I’m still clueless.

This is happening on my studio computer with windows 7 64bit. I must point out that this issue started happening at some random point few months ago. Before that it was all good. At the same time on my home computer with win10 it opens GASE without any problem. On both computers I also have installed Cubase 8 and Cubase 8.5 (since I need to use Replace Audio in Video file function that is removed from later versions!) but I don’t think they are creating this issue since I rarely open them and I haven’t reinstalled them in the meantime.

One interesting thing that happens is while I’m waiting for GASE to open, I can’t access one of my hard drives! I have 5 hard disks in my studio machine. One of them (always the same disk, the one that has no libraries on it and it never had - it’s full of RAR files with previous projects only) gets stuck showing contents in windows explorer. Immediately when the waiting (loading) period is over, when GASE finally opens, that disk is also ready to use and I can jump from folder to folder no problem.

I have opened Library manager that managed to find duplicates for some Groove Agent and Halion libraries and offered to resolve that issue by deleting duplicates. That didn’t help. It’s still the same.

I must add that there is no option in formatting my system drive and/or reinstalling windows operating system! I’m running commercial studio with a lot of ongoing projects and I can’t afford to take a break for few days to reinstall everything!

Any help would be appreciated!


Luka Tralić
Element Studio
Zagreb, Croatia