Groove Agent SE to Groove Agent 4


When I installed Cubase 7 Groove Agent One came along for the ride. When I upgraded to Cubase 8 Groove Agent 4 SE came along for the ride. Yesterday I bought Groove Agent 4 (plus I installed the 4.2 update). I have already uninstalled Cubase 7. I would like to uninstall Groove Agent One and Groove Agent 4 SE. Does GA4 have everything that the older versions have, making it a good idea to delete the older versions?

Thank you,

I think there are kit and preset differences.

To clarify I meant between one and 4, 4 should have everything 4SE has.

be careful doing that. my grooveagent 4 doesnt seem to find / show the original (non Allen Morgan Signature Drums) kits that can be loaded just fine within Grooveagent SE4. You may find you lose all those kits if you uninstall Grooveagent SE4 (and Grooveagent One if you have reinstalled it within Cubase 8’s VST3 folder)

Have you tried clicking the rescan button?