groove agent se vs 4 differences?

hi guys,

this page really does not help me at all.

i understand that 4 has more samples and can use more beat agents + presets (not interested in these at all)

can someone please explain the differences between se and 4 and how they will effect real world use.

i want to build my own kits etc, how will 4 vs se be better for me?

i want to be able to share my kits/samples with others does 4 give me more options over se in this regard?

if anyone can help me out i willl appreciate it.


mpc import is not working in groove agent 4 with mpc 3000 kits (pgm and .snd sample files),

battery 4 can open these files fine, so this is my first area of concern, is this issue known?

user kits/import export?

i can build a kit and save kit with samples.

this creates a test.vstpreset and a folder with samples.

now if i then send to a friend who only owns groove agent se4 how can he use it?

drag and drop works fine on ga4 but i cannot do the same on gase4

even the gase4 tool tip says drag and drop yet its not possible

is this intentionally crippled for se 4 users?

Am i doing something wrong , anyone care to comment, this is the last day ga4 is on offer so im using a 30day demo and comparing to gase4 yet if the above is how i presumme and gase4 is intentionally crippled i have no interest in buying ga4 as any content i generate cannot be used by any gase4 users.

any one care to comment?

unfortunately i cannot get se4 to load any of the kits i make with ga4 thus leading me to believe se4 cannot use any kits saved using the superior ga4.

Deal breaker for me, i love steinberg products however i cannot justify a purchase for this reason in particular and secondly importing mpc 3000 pgms /samples are not working while battery 4 does this with no issues.

Sorry guys im not really interested in sample content nor 1vs4 agents these to me are not useful i dont need content but more functionality ga4 has a much better inbuilt browser/mediabay but i cant justify spending the money on that alone.


I came to this thread asking the same questions and a year later no one not even a Steinberg employee has answered this question? shame on you Steinberg! because I have Cubase artist 8.5, the tutorial videos on YouTube only show ga4 in its full version an nothing of the sorts for a ga4se! nor are there any comparisons of the two any where on Steinberg’s website or is there an upgrade option without have to purchase Cubase pro to get the full version of ga4!!!

Just get the trial. Cubase Pro does not have the full version of GA4. It still has GASE.


Is it not possible to build and save a GASE4 kit from samples in your media bay? I’ve tried many times and seem unable to save a kit out of GASE4. When i try the save the kit, it doesn’t seem to store the .vstpreset anywhere. Is this a restriction of GASE4?

Thanks in advance,


+1 would be nice to clear up