Groove agent SE vs full

Have been looking at the Steinberg expansion packs for GA and was wondering whether it’s worth updating to the full vs of GA at the same time.

GA SE already seams pretty fully featured and from a quick side by side, the only benefits I can see are more articulations in certain kits, percussion agent, more midi files and live sampling.

Anything really obvious that I’m missing?

If not I think I’ll stay with SE and invest in more expansion packs. They sound great!

There is a comparison on the GA products page and you could also get the trial and see if the added features are useful.

Thanks yeah. I read through the comparison which is where I got my info from. Seems a bit underwhelming as an upgrade but was looking for people who have upgraded to give their thoughts :slight_smile:

I have recently upgraded. Main benefits I am seeing are percussion agent (this is actually very good), 24 bit samples on acoustic kits - does improve quality when recording in Cubase. Extra Tom in Rock Kit is handy as I am a drummer who has a 5 tom DTX900 kit that I record with so all other acoustic kits in GA5 and GASE5 have left me one tom short. Also running in stand alone mode helps me as I can more easily trigger these sounds for “live” playing. I also use Simon Philips Studio Kit but this is no different in GASE5 vs GA5 in my experience (as already had 12 and 24 bit options). I mainly use Superior Drummer 3 and unfortunately GA5 is no comparison to this (but SD3 is expensive and really aimed at drummers or high end recording - lots more editing capability). Hope this helps

I’m looking for the ability to edit patterns in GA SE in cubase. I’m seeing that this feature is only available in the full version. If true, this would be a very big difference for me.

Reopening an old thread but i have a question regarding SE vs Full version.
I own Cubase Pro 11.0.40 and it comes with Groove Agent SE 5. I searched the manual and the comparison chart but couldn´t find this information.
Is it possible to sample directly to pads in the SE 5 ?

I didn’t actually know about the 16 bit limitation with SE. That alone is probably enough for me to want to upgrade.

I was purchased the full version and 5 extensions via Summer sale discount.

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