Groove Agent SE will not play! please please help

I am on the verge of suicide. I cannot get the “GROOVE AGENT” TO PLAY. It will not make any sound, no matter how I configure it. AND: The “GROOVE AGENT SE” manual I got with Cubase Artist 8.5 seems to be OUT OF DATE!! The manual clearly does not correspond to what I see on my screen. Is there a newer manual? I have the latest version of Cubase Artist. Can someone please help me? I am using a midi track for the Groove Agent.
Is there a customer support/tech support telephone helpline for U.S. customers??? I am in Chicago IL. Please Help I’m soo frustrated. It’s almost like they designed it to be as frustrating as possible! PLEASE HELP ME!!

Give these ideas a try…

Try using it on an “Instrument Track”.

Link to the latest manuals. The .zip file should include the Groove Agent SE manual.

Hope this helps.

Regards :sunglasses: