Groove Agent SE

Hi everybody!

  1. And how can I make the drum kit visible on the Groove Agent SE? I can not find.
  2. Does Cubeis Pro version 9 have Groove Agent 4, or only Groove Agent SE?

The drum kit view is only available if you’re using an Acoustic Agent kit. These are deep sampled drum kits that emulate the sound of a drumset recorded in a real room.

Cubase Elements and higher include the “Studio Kit SE”, which is an Acoustic Agent kit. To find it, just open the preset browser and type Studio Kit. The same applies if you bought an expansion, just type the name of the expansion and you’ll find your new drums.

Cubase Pro includes Groove Agent SE 4, not the full version of Groove Agent 4. The full version comes with almost completely different content.

Thank you very much for the answer! I have a version of Pro 9.5 and there Grооvе Agent SE.
But I did not understand what is the Acoustic Agent kit? And how can I see the drum kit when playing drums?