groove agent Se

hey guys does any body know how make groove agent trigger two different sample in one pad similar to the velocity function …like for example i want two sample of a guitar with one sample of a upwards strum and the other of the downwards strum so groove agent can simulate a strumming guitar …i think battery can do something like that but i do not have money for that yet

Layering your 2 samples on the same pad should do the trick…

ho do you do that then ?
and let it switch between the two samples

You are a bit lazy, don’t you.

GA SE manual page 22 and further

Determines the trigger mode for the samples of a pad:
• In Velocity mode, the incoming velocity determines which sample is
• In Layer mode, all samples are played at the same time, regardless of
their velocity.
• In Round Robin mode, the samples are played repeatedly one after the
other, from left to right.
• In Random mode, samples are played randomly. Repetitions can occur.
• In Random Exclusive mode, samples are played randomly, but
repetitions are not allowed.

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