Groove Agent SE4 - Acoustic Agent SE Individual Outputs

Groove Agent SE4 - Acoustic Agent SE:

When I’m in the Agent Mixer, I see that there are individual channels for the Kick, Snare and Hihat. But only group channels for the Toms, Cymbals and Percussion. I don’t see any way of routing all the instruments individually. Am I missing something?

Yeah, they are already grouped, but you can enter
the groups to make individual changes. There are small
buttons right above the channel strips (Groups, Kick/SN/HH, Toms …)
Choose Toms and you see the channels.

Hmmm. Not seeing them. Do you see them in this image?

Nah, they are missing. Seems to be a limitation of
the SE Version. Check the pic in the attachment.
It usually looks like that. I have only access to the
full version right now. Didn’t know it. Sorry.

Ah, ok, thanks. Steinberg’s own video about Acoustic Agent mentions one channel for each drum, cymbals, etc while showing the SE version, so I thought maybe I was missing a setting. Must have been a mixup on their part.

Thanks, now I know.

They don’t mention the limitation in the vid, true.
But the buttons are also missing here. Anyway, you could try to
find a work-around. I don’t know if this works, but when I built
kits in the beat agent, I can send each pad to an individual output,
when I right click on it. Maybe you can send the signals to the outputs,
skipping GA4SE’s Mixer, routing it directly into Cubase’s Mixing Console.
I haven’t tried it yet.

I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for the response!