Groove Agent SE4 - choosing which pad is played by MIDI?

Hi - I am not able to figure out how to select which pad gets played when I route MIDI to Groove Agent SE 4 (GASE).

After lots of troubleshooting, this is as far as I could get:

  1. MIDI track routed to GASE … which assigns it only to one pad location (pad # 36, e.g.).
  2. So, I can play any sound in the kit, but only by dragging the pad that contains the sound to that one pad location - #36 in one kit, maybe pad location #40 in another, etc. And that means I can only play one drum sounds at a time.

Does anyone know where l assign the MIDI track to a specific drum sound in GASE? The Channel Selector menu in the MIDI track’s inspector dialogue isn’t the answer for me, it doesn’t affect the apparent random/fixed routing to one (or occasionally two) pad locations. It only has a choice of 16 channels obviously, so I had a hard time seeing how it would help me choose a drum sound on pad #40, e.g.

I do have multiple outs selected in the rack dialogue, but as this is a problem of “ins, not outs”, I’m not sure that’s helpful here.

Thanks in advance for any help!