Groove Agent SE4 - Content List?

Trying to load Content of Groove Agent One into Groove Agent SE 04 (“GASE4”) I noticed today, that a click on the Icon representing Groove Agent One content, leads into the void: the corresponding Window opens without any content at all!
Keine GA1-Presets.jpg
So I searched for Content at Steinberg’s and found this:

The problem is: that list doesn’t explain, which content is included in Cubase Pro 10 - and which is not. I don’t want to download and install huge content files in vain, if they are finally useless for me. But there is not such information saying something like e.g. “for Groove Agent One in particular”. So: how can I know which content I may download and legally use - and which not?

I had to notice e. g. that there (in that list) are content downloads marked as “for Groove Agent SE4”, nevertheless not belonging to GASE4 by default, but one has to pay for it. I just want to know which content belongs to Cubase 10 Pro - and which doesn’t. Why don’t you enter columns, specifying the affiliation of each content to it’s specific VST instrument - and if it’s included or not?!

That would make it a lot easier to manage the VSTi-Content!

Feel free to take a look at the screenshots. It would be gorgeous, if anybody here could answer the following questions.

My questions:

  • Why the Media-Bay GASE4 Content shows 7 content-files, while the instrument itself shows 9?
  • Where is the Groove-Agent-One-Content???


As it is written on the page: The downloads cannot be used without license and additional software. all of these are external content you can buy. Non of it is part of Groove Agent SE.

Here you can find how to install Groove Agent One to Cubase 8 and later.

This means you cannot use the content with Groove Agent SE3 or Groove Agent One.

It’s part of the Groove Agent One full installer, which was part of older Cubase versions (Cubase 5 or 6?).

Thank you for having answered, but that’s not the point.

  1. I don’t need the virtual device “Groove Agent One”. What I need is the GA One content. Only the content to run in Groove Agent SE 4. Why is it shown as empty, when I click on that Icon in the content menu of GASE4 (feel free to see the screenshot)?

    How can I get that filled with the GA One content, as it should be?

  2. And why do I see 7 content units affiliated to GASE4 in the media bay while I see nine in GASE4’s content menu?


Groove Agent One content is not available for Groove Agent SE4. These are totally different libraries. To get an access to the Groove Agent One library, you have to install Groove Agent One.

This seems to be like corrupted Groove Agent SE preferences. Try to delete/rename the Groove Agent SE Preferences folder (%appData% Steinberg/Groove Agent SE).

Somewhere I read, that it’s possible to make GASE4 read it’s whole content anew. Is that the way to do so? I won’t lose anything deleting that folder?


This way Groove Agent will start in the default/factory settings.

Thanks for answering. I did so, but the phenomenon persists.

  • It’s easy to find the GA-One-soundset “Elecktro Kit” (spelt exactly like this) in the media bay right away, but when I search directly in GASE4 I don’t - why?

  • Why does the GA-One-icon lead into the void?

  • Why are there seven instrument libraries for GASE4 displayed in the media bay, while there are 9 of them presented in the content-menu of GASE4?

(feel free to take a look at the attached screenshot).


Same problem here with GA SE5, already done a clean install on mac, no presets showing with Groove Agent One.
Any ideas ?


Have you followed this article?

Thanks for responding.

I have just done the installation from the article.
When I use the GA One VST all the presets are available and work.

I still don’t know how to make these presets available to load them directly from GA SE5 browser. Even after a disk rescan, the list for GA One kits is empty.

In the mediabay under Groove Agent One content I only see audio files, no VST presets.


It should be shown in all Browser. So if you can see the library content in MediaBay, you should see it in GA SE too.

Could you try to trash GA preferences folder? If you are on Windows:
%appData% /Steinberg/ rename the Groove Agent SE folder.


I have trashed the Groove Agent SE folder and launched Cubase again, but it changed nothing, I still don’t see the presets.

I have noticed there are now 2 entries for Groove Agent One in the mediabay; the second entry appeared under Other after I installed the Groove Agent One VST as advised and is showing the different presets. The first entry was already under VST Sound, folder Groove Agent One Presets, and is showing audio files only.

It seems the image Groove Agent One that I click in the kits section of the GA SE5 browser is not bound, or the folders are not indexed correctly ?


I’m sorry, I was on the wrong way for the whole time. Now I know…

You cannot see Groove Agent ONE content in the current Groove Agent (SE). The libraries are just not compatible at all. You have to use Groove Agent ONE plug-in, if you want to use the Groove Agent ONE library.

As mentioned on the web-page I linked, download and install Groove Agent ONE.


I’ll keep the Groove Agent One VST instead.

Many thanks for your help