Groove Agent SE4 hanging

I use Cubase Elements 8 on an i5 Windows 10 laptop and often when loading a kit, GA4 hangs and locks up Cubase. Only option then is to force close Cubase and restart the program.
I’ve now started using the plugin MT Power Drum Kit 2 for drums. So nice to be able to get on with recording now without the crashes.
MT Power Drumkit only seems to have the one kit though plus mixing and grooves/fills. Good for what I do but would like to have Groove Agent too.
Just wondering if it would be worth getting a later version of Elements. I’ve updated GA4 to the latest build.
Any help appreciated.

Anybody using Groove Agent SE? Would be useful to know if later versions are more stable.

Not for me. I have a fresh loaded windows system on an Older I7 processor on my laptop. I have 16GB RAM and Groove Agent SE5 locks up evertime I start messing with the drum sets. It can’t be used in my case. I am assuming you need a more up to date system, as in much more up to date than Steinberg leads you on to believe at purchase time.