Groove Agent SE4 in 7/4 Time?

I’m currently working on a song in 7/4 time. I’d like to use Groove Agent SE4 to create a drum track for this song. I’ve looked through the available patterns, and none of them seem to be in 7/4 time.

I’m new to Groove Agent, and not quite sure how best to create the drum track I need. Is it sensible to try to use Groove Agent to do something like this? If so, I’d be really grateful for some hints about how to get started.

Or, if Groove Agent isn’t a suitable tool for this project, what would be a better way to go about this?


Just set the time sig in your project to 7/4, decide on what sounds you want to use in GA and start programming. You’re either going to have to program your own or acquire some from somewhere.
If you’re using more than a few drums sounds then it would be worth your while learning about drum mapping, the midi drum editor and how they interact, It’s a really powerful and flexible system once you get to grips with it.

Personally, i often use the beat designer midi plugin to program a bunch of basic patterns which i then further fine edit/develop in the midi drum editor. Quite often the drums will be the last thing i render before i mix as it gives me the chance to develop a drum track along with the entire project so i can add subtleties and variation as i go. It can be very difficult to program a ‘realistic’ sounding drum track that’s totally empathic to your track in one go from the beginning and it can also be one hell of a lot of work in one go too…

Or you might just want to have a kick and hat to go ‘ummm cha, ummm cha’ for a few mins, in which case ignore most of the above :wink: