Groove Agent SE4 in Artist 8.0

I haven’t been able to find the answer to this question, so sorry for bothering the more knowledgeable among you.

I have Artist 8 and Groove Agent SE4. Only my version only has one agent, no ‘load’ option in the main window and is identical to the version that I was using in Elements before I upgraded.

The question is do I have an installation error, or should Groove Agent SE4 in Artist 8 really be called Groove Agent 1 with a bit of extra stuff?

All answers, tips and hints gratefully received.

Only one agent is correct for the SE Version. If you want four agents at the same time, you’ll need to
buy the full version. But the load-section has to be there. Can you post a screenshot?

Thanks No1DaBeats, here is a screenshot of SE4 in my Artist.

If it looks the way it should look then I’ll live with it. :smiley:

I have found this video - Groove Agent SE 4 - YouTube

There is no ‘load’ option, so it is impossible to know which preset uses which agent until you have loaded it. I know the acoustic agent in in there somewhere, but I haven’t found any of the GA1 kits yet - unless they all come under ‘beat agent’.

GA SE4 is actually just single agent at any one time with some knobs and twiddles.

Still working through the manual. You live and learn. :wink:

Yeah just had a look at the SE version and there is no load section …
That’s a stupid limitation. So you’d have to do the following stuff to get there:

Right click on the agent on top and chose “load kit” or “load kit with patterns”.
Then you’ll get an overview which kits are available at present.

To chose between acoustic agent and beat agent, there’s a small button on the left bottom.
When you click on it, you’ll get the options “preview” and “filter”.

Make sure you activated “filter”.

Now you get an overview of the different agents.

But again … what a senseless limitation.