Groove Agent SE4 is great!

I have to say THANK YOU steinberg for including this great little sampler in cubase, it’s an amazing tool, and I might even be replacing NI battery with it. Still Battery has a great modulation matrix with LFOs and enveloppes, but other than that GASE4 has everything else I think, a lot can be done with it, it’s really awesome, worth the upgrade alone.

EDIT: another big difference with battery is there is no effects per cell/pad but only for the whole kit.

Confirmed :slight_smile:

This is one great little drum sampler. And I love the GUI on it. Looks like the Halion 4/5 GUI gfx :slight_smile:


ehi guys where is the output options for a pad?

Ok sry found that!

Yeah. Especially round robin and multisample. Like it a lot!

up to 8 layers on a clap/snare/hats is a god send

Kool thread! Looking forward to using C7.5

I think, many users would be interested to know, if the following features are implemented in GrooveAgent SE:

  1. Is it now possible to assign samples via a dropdown list (like in Padshop), or do you still have to drag’n’drop them from media bay?

  2. Is sample layering possible? I mean stack layers, not only velocity-layers like in GA ONE.

  3. Can each pad have its own insert effects, or are there only aux send buses?

  4. Can GASE4 import GA ONE kits?

Is it possible to copy one pad to another?
I remember trying out the original GA SE and pads could not be copied. So I didn’t use it and haven’t looked at GA since.

Loving this too. One thing I haven’t figured out:

If I drag and drop an audio clip from the arrange page, the entire audio file is referenced. I can’t figure out how to truncate only the slice of audio I want (rather than keep the full audio file). This makes saving patches very heavy on disk usage if all I want is a snare from a 7 minute track. Hope that makes sense!

If anyone has figured this out, would love to hear how!

Within GASE4 I’m not sure if each pad has its own insert fx, but a workaround is to activate the multi-outs and use inserts from within Cubase. I don’t think GASE4 is a standalone product so it’d probably make more sense to add insert fx to your Cubase mixer.

In the arrange window, when I cut and manipulate a segment of audio I get the option to create new version. I think this is what you’re looking for. So the snippet of audio you slice needs to be saved as a new version. I won’t have C7.5 until Friday. Hope that points you into the right direction.

Yes, it’s possible to create a new version, or bounce, before dragging into GA. However, that’s a few extra clicks and doesn’t allow you to edit start/end points once the sample is in GA.

From what I understand:

1-no, drag and drop from media bay
2-no Edit : yes you can
3-no, you have 4 inserts slots for the whole kit (FX applies on all the pads) + 4 send FX Busses + 4 master FX slots
4-i don’t know

you can adjust sample start and end in GASE4.

yes it is

Of course, but not if you’ve truncated (or bounced) your clip in the arrange page first and later want to tweak your start/end points from the original audio file.

ah yes, you’re right. But with your example of sampling the snare from a 7 minutes track, you can cut 2 or 3 seconds in the project window, and then adjust more precisely in GA.

Whenever I try to drag a sample onto a GA pad from Mac Finder, GA disappears making drag & drop from Finder impossible. Drag & drop works as expected from within Cubase, however.


I’ve found that un-ticking ‘Always On Top’ allows drag and drop from Finder. This is opposite to what I’d expect.

I think GA and Battery are very different tools. GA is useful for drag and drop from within the project area. However, it doesn’t allow you to cycle through a folder of samples for an individual pad, which is what makes Battery great and super fast to use.

I think I’ll end up using both.

i’ve used range selection 4 or 5 seconds around the sample (a lot better than 7 minutes)

bounce selection and drop into GASE