Groove Agent SE4 patterns vanished

Yesterday I had an interesting day. I started a new song in Cubase and added a Groove Agent SE4 kit called “Standard Hybrid CD”.
I’m a bit lazy so I used the patterns for this kit, just to get a basic beat. …now it gets a little bit blurry what I did when I used some short commands, don’t exactly know which short command but all patterns for this kit vanished. So not one pattern exists any longer for “Standard Hybrid CD”.
I tried to reinstall Groove agent SE4 but still no patterns exists for that kit. For a lot of other kits patters exists.
Now I reinstalled Cubase because Groove agent SE comes with it, but still no patters exists for the kit “Standard Hybrid CD”.
Finally I tried to completely remove Cubase and Groove Agent and then install it again.

Now I have started to think that maybe I just imagined that this kit had patterns. But I know a dragged and dropped one pattern to a lane in Cubase before the patterns vanished for this kit. Did I by mistake delete it? (No: because then the reinstall of Groove Agent should have fixed that problem)

One more sick explanation could be that I hit a bug. Maybe when I clicked through other kits that had patterns and then finally ended up with “Standard Hybrid CD” the pattern table was not updated and I dragged a pattern that was not connected to “Standard Hybrid CD”.

1.) Can someone please check this kit and if it has patterns?
2.) If patterns exist, what do you suggest I should do to fix this problem?

--------------Software used:
Cubase 9.5.50 build 345
Groove agent SE4.2.30

Thanks for all your help

I cant find any patterns for the kit I don’t think they ever existed

Thanks for checking it.
Strange, then I must somehow have moved a different pattern and used it with that kit.

Thanks for all your help