Groove Agent SE4 - Separate tracks/stems

I wonder if there is a way to get the different sounds from Groove Agent SE4 on separate tracks in Cubase. I am using Maschine at the moment, but are thinking about using Groove Agent instead, but I wonder how I should do this when it comes to mixing.
I am interested in having my kicks on separate tracks, snare on their own tracks and so on. This in order to be able to route kicks to distinct busses and treat each own sound used in Groove Agent separately.

Do any of you guys have any idea about this?

I just did this the other day. If you right click on any sample pad you can choose an output and it will create the appropriate fader in the mix console.

Hi and thanks for your answer.
Ok, so that means it will be able to treat it as a “separate track”, putting FX on it and route it to busses etc.
If so, then it will be amazing!