Groove Agent SE5 - Acoustic Agent SE Missing(?)

Was just watching the latest Cubase hangout and noticed that Greg Ondo has an Acoustic Agent SE library as part of GASE5. i.e.

Should this have been part of the standard Cubase Pro install? I’ve not got it.

This is my library manager:-

If anyone can help - thanks! :slight_smile:

Load pattern - Substyle Funk - Forget The Past.

And i also have the Standard GASE5 with 8 libs installed like you do.

Ah ok thanks, It ‘IS’ there indeed, I just loaded it by patch name as you said and it’s showing Acoustic Agent SE.

Wonder why the agent doesn’t show in the list:-

That’s what threw me. lol.

Edit: Just realised it shows as “Studio SE” in the library list but is actually “Acoustic Agent SE” library items. ok, I got it now. heh

I stumbled on that too.