Groove Agent SE5 : drum pattern become uncontrollable

I encountered a strange but reproduceable issue with GA SE5 in C10.
I am using drum patterns with the following setup :

  1. one GA track : no input ; output to mixer, loaded with Simon Philips Jazz drums library
  2. One midi track : input Akai pad (optional) ; output to 1. GA SE “pattern”. Midi events are pre-recorded or driven live from the external Akai pad machine.

The issue is :

  • During playback, track 2 is reading the midi event and launches the patterns accordingly in track 1 (GA).
  • each midi event is a simple note (1 to 4 bars) which corresponds to a predefined pattern in GA
  • setup in GA is ;
    play mode : one shot
    max duration
    trigger mode : next measure
    no sync to beat
  • when reaching some specific patterns : “fills”, this pattern doesn’t end as expected (pad on top left corner, note G#0, in the video) and continue playing. It should stop after one measure.
    This results in a real mess…

    video here

experimenting further, I noticed that it seems to be related with the “play mode = one shot” setting.

Any idea why ?