Groove Agent SE5 Missing Instruments

Hi Folks,

So I’ve just tried to load an instrument to a pad on GA SE5, and seen this -

Have I never had these, or have I messed up somewhere? Dialogue box tells me there’s no licence for Groove Agent Common Content when I click on it.

I write a decent song, but hell, I’m awful with tech. Any help greatly appreciated.


You might have downloaded the content for the full version of Groove Agent. Please uninstall the Groove Agent Factory Library using the Library Manager.

Groove Agent SE comes with different content which can be found in the same section of the Steinberg Download Manager as your version of Cubase.

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Hi, this is what happened to be a few weeks ago when I tried loading content that I do actually own. I manage to fix it by rebooting the DAW. I never did get a reply from Steinberg when I submitted by error dump.

Many thanks R, they have indeed disappeared and so halts any future disappointment.