Groove Agent SE5: No or partial Audio

Cubase 12.0.4
Just a while ago it worked fine, and suddenly GrooveAgent doesn’t “sound”…
When I play the track, the associated MIDI produces clicks on the corresponding pads which I can see and where samples are loaded. If I click on the pad nothing happens/sounds. If I go into the sample and “preview” it, I can hear it.
Just before I had even a more bizarre behaviour where some samples where played, some not.
I even removed the instrument, and loaded a new instance of Groove Agent, same result… seems to happen with all Kits.
I now made a new track, new instance of GA, loaded a different Kit, again: some samples/pads sound others do not…
Restart of cubase doesn’t help neither


Do you send meaningful (MIDI Note’s) Velocity to the Pad, please?

Yes, I checked whatever I could, even mouse clicking the pads in grooveAgentSE doesn’t make them sound, but the sample itself (checked via edit>sample>play sample) does sound.
What is bizarre: At the beginning I had everything sounding fine, then it began to slowly corrupt itself if I may say so, at first some pads/sounds didn’t sound, I was temporarily able to “fix” that by playing a pattern which kind of activated some pads again, but then suddenly GrooveAgent would not play any pad anymore, but as mentioned, every sample sounds if I “play sample”.
So i assume it’s something which doesn’t have to do with the MIDI I am playing… Even when pressing keys with the GrooveAgentSE keyboard, no sound is triggered (individual notes or pattern, result is the same)…

Yesterday I reinstalled GrooveAGent SE but so far without any success…

In the Groove Agent SE 5 Options, please make sure that the Disk Streaming settings are set to reasonable values.

Also make sure that the content is up to date. It can be downloaded from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Hero!!! It seems that did the trick. For an unknown reason the option was set to 100% Disk!
After resetting it to 50%/50% everything worked for a splitsecond, then Cubase crashed when changing the Kit and since then I get the “no license found” error when opening GrooveAgentSE :cry: :confused: :gun:

PD: Ok, with literally some patience the license problem went away and the solution is 100% verified, too high disk-streaming settings were the culprit.