Groove Agent SE5 not downloaded with Elements 10

Hiya, I recently downloaded Cubase Elements 10, which I thought came with GA SE5 and HAlionSE.
It has only downloaded with the Prologue plug in.

I can’t find any information about GA SE5, I really do not know what I’m missing…

Please someone point me in the right direction as to what is going on?? :laughing: Its doing my head in as I can’t get anywhere without drums…

Thank You

I have exactly the same problem :angry:

This page:
shows that Elements 10 should include GA5SE.

I have Elements 10 and when I open GA, it shows version 4. I hope someone from Steinberg can clear this up.

Quick update - after the latest 10.0.30 update, GA-SE5 shows for me now.