Groove agent SE5 not loaded?

Just upgraded to Cubase10 Pro (9.5 is still installed) . Starting to look at Groove Agent SE 5 and realised that it is still loading as SE4 ! so I cannot see the new functions etc - I guess that may be the same for Halion, Retrologue etc.

When the Cubase 10 installation was run I thought it was very quick and there were no “options” to load additional stuff like GA etc or the extra samples - I rather expected to be asked…

How do I get the new versions installed ? and also check whether I am fully installed ? Cubase 10 Pro itself seems to work fine so far. I am wary of uninstalling 9.5 just yet of course.

Many thanks in advance if you can help me out!

I have the same question. I upgraded to Cubase Artist 10, and the literature was clear that it came with GA SE 5, but I only see 4…

Ditto. When I installed previous versions (Cubase 9.5 and earlier), the installer always had the option to run install for Halion, Groove Agent, and the other additional content…

This time, nothing. I just ran the installer. It installed Cubase and nothing else. When it was done, it said it was finished and that was that. No option to install the additional content.

I solved it by reinstalling. But first I extracted the files from the zip file. The trick is to run setup.exe, not just the.msi file. I’m running windows.

I had to re-install as well, also by using the setup instead of the msi file. It showed Cubase 10 was already installed and that the following would be updated:
Groove Agent SE
HALion Sonic SE
Loops & Sound Sets
Retrologue & Padshop

It seems odd that the msi would be mis-programmed in this way

Thank you for solving this for me! I too bought the Cubase 10 update a week ago, installed it using the provided file that I downloaded and got to thinking that something was wrong when I went into Groove Agent and didn’t find any rock kit options at all. So, I figured something went wrong. Then today when I was back in my studio to figure it out, I realized that Groove Agent was SE4 and not SE5 as advertised with Cubase 10. So, the MSI file that is being downloaded definitely has something wrong with it. When I extracted the download and run the setup.exe and did a full reinstall (just to be sure everything was fixed) a ton of extra stuff was installed. All good now! And I see a lot of rock kit options. Who knows what else I was missing before following this fix. Thanks!