Groove Agent SE5 Percussion maps

Hi All,

Apologies if I am asking a question already asked by many before me, I am using Dorico 3.5 Pro with Note Performer happily meeting most of my instrument requirements.

I now need to include some brushed jazz drums and have downloaded a trial version of Simon Phillips Jazz drums to use with GrooveAgent SE5. I can’t remember how I got GA SE5. Maybe it came free when I bought Dorico, or maybe it came with Cubase, which I also use. Point is it works just fine with Dorico 3.5, except for the obvious percussion maps that I must construct.

To be honest, I 'd rather be writing music than constructing maps.

From what I have read , Groove Agent is an official part of Dorico5 now and the default drum kit when starting a new project. Sounds good to me. Does this mean is comes with a library of percussion maps for all the GA kits too? Should I struggle on in 3.5 and create my own percussion maps, or will an upgrade to Dorico 5 Pro save me the pain and get me straight back to writing music?

Many thanks for your answers and for tolerating my ignorance on these matters.


The basic General MIDI percussion map should be a good enough starting point for the acoustic kit in Groove Agent SE. You may then need to add one or two additional mappings.

Thank you for your reply Daniel.

I took the plunge and upgraded from Dorico 3.5 to 5.0 regardless. A brief check of my purchase history from Steinberg revealed that I was using Groove Agent SE5 as a result of my prior Cubase purchase, not Dorico. I was able to use it with Dorico 3.5, but of course there was no dedicated percussion map. Subsequent to the upgrade I see there is a “Groove Agent SE Studio Kit” map included that should do me fine for most situations. I will most likely modify that map to accommodate the Simon Phillips Jazz Drums VST which also appears to be a worthwhile purchase from Steinberg.

Since I only just upgraded to Dorico V5 it remains to be seen what new playing techniques you have included for pitchless percussion.

I would be curious to hear if there are any other members using Simon Phillips Jazz drums?