Groove Agent SE5 stops outputting sound in Cubase 11 Pro

Hey everyone,

The issue that I’m having with groove agent is that after a while it will no longer output sound. When I go to see if something changed in routing of the signal, nothing has changed. It just does not play sound. Has anyone else had this experience? If so, please advise on how you fixed this problem.


Does it happen in only one project or in all projects? Has the library been loaded?

Can you see incoming MIDI data to the Groove Agent? Can you see the signal in the meter on the track?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the fast reply. Sorry I could have been more specific. I was busy working on the issue and finding a solution. The issue was not happening in all projects only in a few. Furthermore it had only happened in kits that I created and recently renamed (These sessions still had the kits under the previous name and could not locate the new name). I could see that it was picking up the MIDI inside of Groove Agent but the signal meter wasn’t getting anything sent to it.

I switched to another kit inside of Groove Agent and still nothing but when I switched another VST and then back to Groove Agent and that allowed it to reopen with the new kit name being located and everything is working as it should.

I will go ahead and close this issue out.

Thank you for your response Martin.

Have a great day!