Groove Agent SE5 to Audio

I’m more than certain that this has been covered somewhere but I cna’t seem to find it. I “play” my drum parts on a Korg Nanopad using the Groove Agent SE5 sounds. I’ve tried several ways to render each instrument to an individual audio track but nothing I do seems to work. I figure there must be a very easy way to do this but I have no idea how.
If anybody can point me in the right direction that’d be awesome! I’ve watched several videos on YouTube but for some reason, they never get right to the point and talk about various things that I don’t; need to know about. Frustration occurs! They often direct me to the Groove Agent mixer but mine doesn’t look anything like what is shown on the video. On the videos, they have the mixer with sets of knobs but mine just has the EFX send boxes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to be able to send my tracks to a friend so he can mix them. It’s just for fun but I’d like it to work.
All thanks are in advance!

Hi. Sorry you’re having trouble. First, the mixer of the kits for the standard Beat Agent SE pack just have the standard mixer which is what I think you were describing you have. A lot of the paid expansion kits have a Neve style channel strip for the mixer:
Beat Agent mixer

Neve mixer from Acoustic Agent

So first after you load Groove Agent in Cubase, go to the VSTi rack in the right pane and click on the little down arrow in the upper right corner and ‘Activate Outputs’
You can then activate each one as you need or just do all outputs.
Then go back to Groove Agent, right click on a pad that you want to assign an output for and select the output from the menu

Repeat until you assigned all the channels you need. You will see each channel you created outputs for in the mixer.

The look of the mixer depends on the loaded instrument.

Take the time to close the effects in order to have the sounds without processing. It will be much better for mixing.

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This is how I would do it