Groove Agent SE5 to Groove Agent 5

Hello, I’ve bought Cubase Artist 11 on the Woodbrass site in France. I really need the full version of Groove Agent 5. Do I must buy it like a new client on the steinberg shop or is it possible to upgrade the SE5 to the full version of Groove Agent 5 ?

Hi xpusset

I don’t believe there is an ‘upgrade’ price. SE5 is essentially a free bundled product so doesn’t have any upgrade value.

Hi Dr.Strangelove,
Thank you for your answer, I plan to buy the full version of GA 5 anyway.

Does anyone know if there is a cross grade deal for it?

check the shop ?

If I am the owner of Cubase 11 pro, do I have to pay the full price for Groove Agent 5 too?


If you desire the standalone version, then, yes. Steinberg loaded “SE” versions into their Cubase products intending them as basic versions. Check the shop to see how you can buy VST packages that might include many of the sounds and patterns of GA5. However, owning the standalone version might give you more flexibility.