Groove Agent SE5 with Cubase 12 - No Kits and Error

I just installed Cubase Pro 12 and also installed the Groove Agent SE5 VST and content.

When I open the Groove Agent VST I don’t see any kits in the library.

If I click the dropdown kit browser from the top of the VST I can see different kits there but when I click on any of them I’m getting this error:

groove agent error

Can anyone help? This is a new install.


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Looking at the Steinberg Library Manager I can see the locations of the libraries.

And in the C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound directory are all the .vstsound files. Somehow Groove Agent SE isn’t seeing these.

Well after much searching today I believe I had resolved my own issue. Just out of trial and error I was hovering over ever little icon an option in Groove Agent. Eventually I found this icon (Rescan Disk) and presto! All my kits that I have downloaded from the Download Manager appeared and are playable.

Maybe this will help someone else. I had uninstalled/reinstalled Groove Agent SE and re-downloaded the content several times before finding this.


It did help someone (ME). Thank you. I bought a Win11 laptop and loaded Cubase 12 Pro on it. This exact thing happened with Groove Agent SE5 and Halion Sonic SE3. Glad I found your post. Your Rescan Disk solution worked. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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Thank you for your tip it did the Trick , i reinstalled Cubase , Updated Windows build , GPU Driver etc etc ( 2 DAYS of TRYING EVERYTHING ) and this one button did the trick .

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I had the exact same issue. Your headache did not go unavenged. You saved me much trouble with your reply. TY!

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Thank you so much for having this issue and being diligent enough to fix it yourself XD I was this close to giving up on Cubase entirely.

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